Being A Dad

Have you ever wanted to see a worm driving a pencil car while wearing a jaunty European style fedora?  What about the inner workings of a firehouse populated by firefighting rabbits?  Or perhaps you'd like to see every item of a fruit stand illustrated in meticulous detail.  If so, Richard Scarry is the guy for you.  

I've been a sucker for his work since I was a wee lad - Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! was a personal favorite. I read it until the cover came off.  As a matter of fact, I just pulled Jackson and Griffin's copy off the shelf and it too was missing its cover. That's either a sign of devotion or poor binding, not sure which. Either way, it's a great read.  

When Jackson went through his cars and trucks phase/obsession, he read through 3 copies of Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.  

Each and every page of a Scarry book is chock full of entertaining details and repeat readings usually uncover something new.  Oh, and kids will like them too.  

By the way, according to Amazon, I ordered Jackson a copy of Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! 8 months before he was born.  Guess I was a little anxious.