Being A Dad

Earlier today, I took Griffin to preschool.  It was his turn to bring snacks, so I handed a bag of goodies to one of the teachers and told her there was yogurt and spoons along with some pretzels for anyone who couldn't have the yogurt.  She took the bag with a smile and said, "mom thinks of everything."

Now let me step back for a moment and state some facts.  The teacher in question is a lovely woman.  And in this particular instance, it was mom's idea.  I'd go so far to say in almost every instance it's Jackson and Griffin's mom's idea.  She's always thinking 6 or 7 steps ahead of everyone in every situation - she's like the Jason Bourne of the PTA.  And, if left to my own devices, our kids would probably be knocking back Red Bull and chewing tobacco for breakfast.  

I just find it fascinating that there are certain things in life that people still assume mom took care of.  Take gifts, for example.  See if this sounds familiar - it's holiday time and the family is gathered to open gifts.  Your Aunt Irene unwraps her present and turns to your wife to thank her for her thoughtfulness.  Meanwhile, you're the one who picked it out, bought it and wrapped it.  Now there's no way to say, "hey, lady, the edible underwear was my idea" without sounding like a tool but it wouldn't hurt to give credit where credit is due.  

Look, I understand that many dads bring this upon themselves.  For some, their only contribution was a teeny little chromosome and a steady supply of AA batteries.  But times are changing ladies - we're deep in the Mr. Mom generation now and there are plenty of fellas out there packing those lunches, changing those diapers and waiting for mom to bring home the bacon so we can fry it up in a pan.  

Craig Kelly
11/02/2010 06:58

Here, here! (Too antiquated and expression? I don't know... but it's better than the "Huzzah!" I originally wrote.) My wife takes care of most of these things, as well. But in many cases, it's because if I was weighing in on snacks, etc., we would be constantly jockeying for control. Perhaps, like me, you willingly sacrifice the decision-making to your wife?

And for the record, while there are still a few of the Don Draper-esque parents out there ("I will change the random diaper & read one book and comb their hair at bedtime, but that's it"), most of us are knee-deep in parenting. DADS!


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