Being A Dad

Happy Anniversary to the best role models a son could ask for.  

Happy 48th, Mom and Dad.  

To the man who made me want to be a Dad...

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  

And to the rest of you Dads out there:

Today, Father, is Father's Day
And we're giving you a tie
It's not much we know
It is just our way of showing you
We think you're a regular guy
You say that it was nice of us to bother
But it really was a pleasure to fuss
For according to our mother
You're our father
And that's good enough for us
Yes, that's good enough for us

I tend not to have very popular tastes. My favorite musicians don't top the charts, I don't read a lot of bestsellers, the movies I enjoy aren't generally blockbusters and the shows I enjoy watching with my kids are usually the obscure ones.  

Which brings us to Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.  It's actually a little surprising this show is still on the air since they stopped making new episodes several years ago (it's kind of like the original Star Trek but with less velour).  The plot involves a little girl named Maggie (you could see that coming, couldn't you?) and her adventures in Nowhere Land with her friend Hamilton the Pig and Beast, who's not very ferocious at all but does like to exclaim "Great Googly Moogly" from time to time. There are other supporting characters including a mouse, a rabbit, a trio of cows and some jelly beans (I've never seen it, but I've heard that's where they got the idea for Jersey Shore).  

In a time when we're all inundated with Dora, Diego, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets and the dreaded Yo Gabba Gabba, Maggie and her team make for a very pleasant viewing experience.