Being A Dad

If you're of a certain vintage like I am (I'm 42) you probably have a certain fondness for the Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear.  And if you're like me, that fondness included planning each Saturday morning around watching 4 or 5 hours of those programs while you inhaled bowl after bowl of sugary cereal.  

The good news is you can get your nostalgic fix thanks to the cable network Boomerang.  Boomerang is the sister channel to the Cartoon Network and it's where they seem to send all of their older shows.  Lately they're starting to add too many non-classics for my taste but on any given day you can still find The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, The Pink Panther, Wacky Races, Yogi Bear, Jonny Quest and many others populating their schedule.  Other old-time greats like Hong Kong Fooey, the Funky Phantom and Wheelie & the Chopper Bunch seem to rotate in and out of their schedule.  Plus they randomly schedule Looney Tunes marathons, perfect for maxing out the ol' DVR.  

Of course not every show holds up after all these years - you'll notice a certain amount of repetition among some of the lesser known Hanna Barbera titles and it's amazing how many different shows featured a group of groovy teenagers solving mysteries. But if you're starting to glaze over after endless viewings of Dora, Diego and the Wonder Pets, you can't go wrong with revisiting your old addictions courtesy of Boomerang.