Being A Dad

There are many reasons I really enjoyed this movie...

Will Ferrell - Supposedly, the role of Megamind was offered to both Ben Stiller and Robert Downey, Jr. and I don't think it would have been nearly as funny without Ferrell.  Thumbs up to Tina Fey, Brad Pitt and David Cross for their voice work as well. 

Melancholy - you'll never want to pronounce it the same way again.

Fun for kids, fun for grownups - while there's plenty here for the kids to enjoy, there's just enough for us old folks as well, from a fresh twist on Obama posters to a great Donkey Kong sight gag.

The geeks shall inherit the earth - this is a superhero movie after all, so obligatory comic book references are essential and there are some good ones here - from Superman to the Flash to Green Lantern. 

Most importantly, I've always loved going to the movies.  Before the kiddos came along, the Mrs. and I used to go all the time.  Now that our income and time isn't nearly as disposable as it used to be, we seem to talk about going to the movies more than we actually go to them.  So it was with great pleasure that we got to take the boys this past Saturday morning and experience the whole thing through their eyes (while they were open, anyway - Griffin fell asleep on my lap with about a half an hour to go). 

And while a massive bucket of popcorn at 10:30 in the morning might not be an ideal breakfast, it can't be any worse than their daily meeting with that lucky leprechaun and his magically delicious marshmallows.