Being A Dad

And... we're back. Last Father's Day, we established a new tradition. We took the kids to Belmont Park for a day of horse racing. Initially I figured Jackson would be interested and Griffin would probably be bored, but admission is free for kids under 12 so I figured we had nothing to lose. I made a deal with Jackson that he could pick the horses and I'd make a $2 bet for each race. If he won, he got to keep the money. Don't worry, we have Child Services on speed dial. Anyway, when Griffin got a whiff of this arrangement, he wanted in. So they each used whatever method they chose to pick their horses and I placed the bets. Long story short, they picked four out of the ten races correctly, including a photo finish in the last race of the day, and they walked home with $74 (actually we drove home - I might have questionable parenting skills, but I'm not a monster). 

So when Father's Day rolled around this year, the boys asked if we could make a return trip to the track to bet on the ponies once more (they're both smoking cigars now with a rolled up racing form in their back pocket). Before I could warn them that last year was probably a fluke and that chances were pretty good they wouldn't win anything, they proceeded to win 3 of the first 4 races. I should note here that I've been going to Belmont off and on since I was in high school and I think I've picked the winner correctly maybe once. So clearly they're not getting their handicapping abilities from me. The best advice I could give them all day was, "whatever you're doing, keep doing it." I plan on saving that wisdom for driving lessons too. So we have a great day and we're down to the last race when lo and behold - another photo finish. And wouldn't you know it, they picked another winner. And for the record, they once again picked 4 out of the 10 races correctly. 

I'm sure there's a moral to this story and while you're looking for it, the boys and I will be at the OTB. Jackson got a tip on the 7 race at Pimlico and he's feeling lucky. 


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