Being A Dad

The other night, I was flipping through the channels looking for something Jackson could watch.  I'm pretty sure Griffin was off testing the structural soundness of his bedroom walls with a hammer.  Anyway, I was coming up empty when I stumbled across the listing for one of my all-time favorite movies.  

The conversation went like this...

Me: Hey, do you want to watch someone eat 50 eggs?
Jackson: Nobody can eat 50 eggs.  

I couldn't have my boy doubting my veracity so for the next 10 minutes or so, Jackson was introduced to the wonderful world of Dragline, Boss Shorty and Babalugats (one of the best character names ever).  

Since I had little interest explaining why Doc Hudson was in leg irons, being chased by dogs or spending time in the box, I changed the channel as soon as the last egg was swallowed.  


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