Being A Dad

Every night, before he goes to sleep, I read a book to Jackson.  Groundbreaking stuff, I know.  Anyway, Jackson is almost 7 so do the math - that's a lot of books. And not all of them are great.  Books based on Lego playsets, for example, aren't exactly ripping yarns.  So I'm always happy when something good gets added to the rotation.  

A few years back, my brother and his family gave Jackson a collection of Frog and Toad stories and as the title suggests, they're about two friends - a Frog and a Toad. One has a sunnier disposition than the other, but to be honest with you, I always get them confused.  They're kind of like the amphibious Odd Couple.  

The stories cover a number of topics like being alone, procrastinating, waiting for a letter, wearing a silly swimsuit, etc, and are accompanied by wonderful illustrations.  

If you're looking for a bedtime, or really anytime, read you can't go wrong with Frog and Toad


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