Being A Dad

A while back, while putting off working, I watched some trailers for upcoming movies. Yeah, I'm one of those guys that loves the previews before movies. Can't get enough of them. Anyway, one that caught my eye that day was Real Steel. When I found out it was based on the same short story (by Richard Matheson) as a great episode of The Twilight Zone (with Lee Marvin) my interest was further piqued. 

And then I forgot about it, figuring I'd catch it late one night on of the countless movie channels we get. 

But then, about a month ago, I started to hear whispers that this was actually a family film. The previews would never reveal that because studios are afraid they will scare away the all-important teenage and young adult audience. But I read a few reviews and they did indeed confirm that this was a family friendly flick.

I asked Jackson if he wanted to go and he enthusiastically said yes. Technically that's not true. Very few kids use the word yes. It could have been a yeah, but just as likely it was a head nod or perhaps a grunt. Regardless, we made a plan and went. 

And I have to say, it was awesome. Sure it's cliche-ridden and you can see plot points coming a mile away but judging from the amount of cheering Jackson was doing during the movie, I'm guessing he didn't care much about those details. 

In essence, the movie is Rocky meets Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots. Lots of action, lots of loud music, lots of robots smashing robots - perfect for any red-blooded boy (and their immature dads). 

There's some objectionable language but it was nothing Jackson hadn't heard already while we're watching the Jets play. And there's one scene of people on people violence that is a little disturbing but it doesn't last too long. 

Oh, and one other thing. When we were making the plans to see the movie, Jackson suggested we invite my dad, figuring he'd enjoy it too. It was the first time I've gone to the movies with both my son and my dad and it made for a pretty great moment. 
Right up to the point where dad got kicked out for throwing popcorn at a group of kids a few rows in front of us. 


10/14/2011 16:02

Sweet and thanks for mentioning my guy

10/14/2011 17:04

Yeah, but, but...they were disturbing the rhythm of Atom's triple combo.


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