Being A Dad

I should start off by saying that I did doze a bit during the movie.  But that had more to do with the 3-year old sleeping on my lap than my interest level.  The part that I was awake for was pretty good.

Somehow our kids completely missed the more recent wave of Disney animated movies - Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc.  I bring that up because Tangled, while not traditionally animated, fits right in with those films.  Which is why I think (at the risk of sounding sexist) that girls will love this movie.  There's some serious girl power going on (courtesy of Rapunzel) along with the  prerequisite wicked stepmother (courstesy of Donna Murphy although I thought it was Bebe Neuwirth until the credits rolled).  The derring-do is supplied by Flynn Ryder - a character name that both Jackson & Griffin (once he woke up) found hysterical. 

Much in the Disney tradition, characters break out in song at the drop of a hat (or hair, as the case may be) which is why you should expect Tangled - The Musical to hit Broadway sometime in the near future. 

I just read that this is the first Disney "princess" movie to get a PG rating and I suppose that's appropriate but there's very little here that could possibly cause nightmares and it's relatively tame compared to most children's fare.  Unless there was a decapitation scene when I was sleeping, then I might change my mind.   

Oh, and one other thing - your kids will want to see this in 3D because all kids want the extra "D", but there's nothing to justify the extra money you'd have to spend on a ticket.  If they really want to see 3D, tell them to look out a window.