Being A Dad

Let me set the record straight - I am not responsible for Jackson's obsession with baseball, but I've done nothing to discourage it.  Okay, I've done a few things to encourage it.  Maybe more than a few.  The point is, I never wanted to force my interests on my kids.  But that doesn't mean I wasn't secretly hoping they'd share one or two with me.  

I've loved baseball for longer than I can remember and as much as I've always looked forward to the start of each new season, nothing compares to the joy of sharing it with my son.  

Now some might say having a 6 year old that knows Harmon Killebrew's uniform number or what team Wally Post played for is going a little overboard.  Some might say that - of course I wouldn't.  

Seeing Jackson run through the door today when he got home after school to check the Mets score was just an awesome experience (being able to tell him they were winning wasn't too shabby either).  And then having him ask to watch the bottom of the ninth of the Rangers-Blue Jays game was just the icing on the cake.  The Rangers won in a walk-off, by the way.  

The games might be too slow, the season too long, but my boy and I are going to savor every moment.  

Play Ball.  


Shell Kanzer
04/06/2010 06:55

6 more days to opening season and Jackson gets to put on his uniform!

Craig Kelly
04/06/2010 09:19

I cannot tell you how cool that is. I can't wait for Carter to (hope hope) be into baseball. Maybe when he's 6, Heyward will still hit long bombs... only for the Yankees... visiting Atlanta.
Great blog!

Chick Cosover
04/06/2010 16:25

Tuesday, April 6 @ 6:15 PM


It appears that the Mets and Yankees will be meeting in October. They have only lost one game between them thus far this season, the pitching staffs of both teams appear to be well rested and you have hitters on each of the two teams batting 400 or better...that's hard to believe!
If you don't mind I have a favor to ask of you. Would you kindly go to Citi Field some morning this week and try to secure a couple of box seats for us so we can be in the crowd for the opener...get 3 if you think Jackson would enjoy going with us. I'm sure there is only a very slim chance he'll say NO!...wait a minute, don't even ask him now...just get 3!
Have a great rest of the summer. I'll see you during the "FALL CLASSIC".


11/29/2010 07:33

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